Domestic Cleaning Upper Holloway N19

Domestic Cleaning Upper Holloway N19. We, at Max Clean, offer Domestic Cleaning services that are ideal for people who share housing and are having bad time deciding who’s turn it’s to scrub shared areas or those customers who want help on a regular basis- weekly and bi-weekly. Our housekeepers are very professional, we’ve got a team of seasoned staff that is exalted with cleaning duties. Our house cleaning services are tailored around your schedule thus you’ll carry on together with your busy schedule and leave the dirty work to us.

Reliable Domestic Cleaning Upper Holloway N19

Domestic Cleaning Upper Holloway N19 provided by Max Clean is an hourly based service. It’s measured by the hours you book one or more of our cleaners. The client is anticipated to place a list of things that our cleaners should prioritise on, as an example “focus on the lounge and if there’s time left provide the WC a fast swipe”. The client is additionally expected to supply the cleaner with all cleaning materials necessary.

Experienced Domestic Cleaners Upper Holloway N19

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Spend the time you deserve together with your family and treasured ones! Don’t hesitate and call Max Clean and solve your cleaning problems!