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Carpet cleaning Camberwell SE5

Carpet and upholstery cleaning Camberwell SE5

Max Cleaning company offers Carpet and upholstery cleaning at Camberwell area. We provide professional cleaning service for all your carpets , rugs no matter the size of them. Give new life to your furniture! You can extend the lifespan of your beloved carpets by booking our service.

We use specialized carpet cleaning methods and machines that assure the quality of this services. Our cleaners are with exalted experience so you don’t have to worry. They are also insured and vetted.

Expert carpet & upholstery cleaners Camberwell

Carpet and upholstery cleaning Camberwell provides spot and stain removal, deep carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, mattress cleaning, curtains cleaning. There are different kinds of detergents for different solutions coffee stains, fruit stains, make-up stains etc. The professional carpet machine works with hot steam and water so no need to worry about the cleaning process its all eco-friendly. The carpet steaming machine is capable of reaching deep areas and thoroughly clean them killing most bacteria, allergens and dirt.

The carpet cleaning service provided when you need it in SE5 area.

Our carpet cleaning service can be booked as a separate service or together as a pack with extra addition services one of them, of course is upholstery cleaning. Other services worth mentioning are Home cleaning, House cleaning, Deep cleaning, Office cleaning. If you want to take a look at the prices first – Prices.

Carpet Cleaning Deptford SE8

Carpet Steam Cleaning Deptford SE8

This is a great service, not only will it improve your health and prolong the life of your carpets, but it can be combined with any of our other services for an added extra cleanliness to your home or office. Carpets are a huge investment and their maintenance is just as important as any other investment. Particularly because these home comforts act as filters, improving air quality of our home attracting all dust and airborne pollutants, bearing this in mind they do clog with all sorts, deep down in the fibres not only on the surface.  They also hide other nasties like germs, bacteria, bugs and even viruses. Our injection/extraction function enables our technicians to reach all these hidden areas, loosening dirt and dust, and more importantly killing all allergens and extracting them, leaving your carpets & rugs in pristine condition. Our carpet technicians are also able to advise you on spot stain cleaning. Give us a call for a friendly discussion and further information on your needs.

Carpet Cleaning Woolwich SE18

Carpet Steam Cleaning Woolwich SE18

In that scenario you can be truly stunned and amazed from our services! Our cleaner will park in walking distance to your property and carry his equipment to your place. Then he will determine the nature of your carpet stains and use a special kind of detergent depending on the stains. And then the magic begins! Our steam based technology works with any kind of contamination and will vanquish any kinds of stains like food, makeup, mud or anything you might think of! This is a great way to renew your carpet and turn it back to the condition in which he was bought. After the cleaner is done with your carpet, you won’t even recognize it! Our machines work with environmentally friendly detergents and are no louder than a vacuum cleaner. Don’t hesitate a second to call our lines and get a free quote about our prices!

Upholstery Cleaning Woolwich

This service is similar to the Carpet Steam Cleaning but works on a much more detailed level! Here the cleaner uses different attachments for the different kinds of furniture in order to be completely thorough about beautifying your surroundings. Our steam machines work with environmentally friendly detergents and will stop at nothing to make your home look like freshly bought! We are hardworking, we are serious about our job and we stop at nothing to satisfy your desires! The way this technology works makes you understand what is the meaning of renewing and sanitizing. Our cleaners will make your furniture or curtains look like they have just been taken out of their wrappings!

Carpet cleaning Kennington SE11

Carpet cleaning Kennington SE11

Cleaners Kennington offers a full carpet cleaning service, we use top of the range equipment, we offer the hot steam method that will kill most bacteria and germs that are held in all carpets and will help any home where people suffer with allergies. Cleaning your carpets professionally not only helps to keep the home looking good and free from germs but also helps to prolong the life of your carpet or rug, Carpet manufacturers recommend that a carpet be cleaned every six months to a year so as to prolong the life of the carpet and keep it in prime condition.

  • The package of cleaning services include:
  • Spot and stain removal
  • Deep carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Rug cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Curtains cleaning

Carpet cleaning Bermondsey SE1

Carpet steam cleaning Bermondsey SE1

Nowadays the number of people, realizing the necessity of deep carpet cleaning is getting bigger. Luckily, we should say! The efficiency of some cleaning methods is indisputable. Steam cleaning is proved to be among those methods. No surprises! Carried by professional technicians, operating with powerful steam machines, Carpet Steam Cleaning is an ideal solution for all types of issues – stains, high traffic traces, dirt, soil, viruses, bacteria, allergens and hundreds of known and unknown threats for people’s health. Steam cleaning the carpets in your Bermondsey premise once or twice yearly will improve the quality of the air in the premise. Along with that, the procedure will revive the carpets and rugs, bringing their colours back to life. This will drastically improve the entire appearance of the premise.
To get all these benefits and even more, book your Professional Carpet Steam Cleaning with Max Clean Bermondsey. Our knowledgeable steam technicians will deliver expert cleaning service at reasonable price.
Call our office and let us advise on the cleaning estimate and provide you with detailed information on the service.

Carpet cleaning Greenwich SE10

Carpet & Upholstery professional steam cleaning Greenwich SE10

Although very beneficial, there comes a time (usually once a year) when your carpets and upholstery benefit from being steam cleaned. The good part about having carpet is that they trap airborne particles and dust within their fibres, which is good for your health but they do require regular vacuuming to stay on top of and at least once a year a steam clean to reach down deep and thoroughly clean within the layers of upholstery fabric and carpet fibres. Professionally steam cleaning these not only benefits your health but overall appearance of your home.

Carpet Cleaning Southwark SE1

Carpet Steam Cleaning Southwark SE1

That service is one of our newest and most complicated given the fact that it works with a steam based technology. In this service the cleaners will arrive at a walking distance to your property and come with his machine to be the vanquisher or any kind of contamination of your carpets, rugs or even curtains! His work will amaze you in every possible way. Our machines work with environmentally friendly detergents that do not contaminate the air and the machine is no louder than a vacuum cleaner. Our cleaners will not stop at any kind of stains like the ones from food, makeup, mud, residual hair, any kind of household dirty substances will fall under our hands. Don’t hesitate to give your old carpets the brand new look they once had when you bought them!

Carpet cleaning Waterloo SE1

Professional Carpet and upholstery cleaning Waterloo SE1

We have local teams all of the capital to ensure availability. Professional steam cleaning for Carpets, rugs, upholstery, curtains and mattresses.

Carpet Cleaning Lewisham SE13, SE3, SE8, SE12, SE14, SE6, SE4

Carpet and Upholstery Steam Cleaning Lewisham SE13, SE3, SE8, SE12, SE14, SE6, SE4

Carpets and upholstery are a massive investment, they are also the best thing since sliced bread because within the layers and fibres they trap all dust particles, germs and allergens which are undisturbed by regular ventilation. However if not vacuumed properly on a regular basis all particles remain within. Even with regular hovering deep down these particles remain in place. That’s why it is important to carry out a professional clean at least once a year. Not only will this beautify your soft furnishings (better on the eye) but the injection / extraction system may even kill and sanitize any germs and bacteria hidden within.

Our technicians are highly qualified, friendly and are more than capable to advise on stain removal. They will be in and out in a jiffy with minimal disturbance. Drying times depends on the individual circumstances, (condition and size) but generally will take about 3 hours or so.

Cleaning Services Lewisham SE13, SE3

Cleaning Services Lewisham SE13, SE3, SE8, SE12, SE14, SE6, SE4

We realise that life is too short to be cleaning our homes, with more and more women joining the workforce life is busy enough; add to that our family commitments, it’s no wonder there is little time left to be washing, ironing and cleaning. If you feel life is too short and that you have a lack of personal time to share with your family and friends, or not sure which cleaning products or cleaning methods to use for a more efficient clean, then we are the London cleaning company for you.

Domestic Cleaning Lewisham

Have your home cleaned on a weekly or fortnightly basis. All you need to do is provide the cleaning materials, then sit back and relax, go out or continue your daily commitments. We try our very best not only to suit your cleaning needs, but also to fit your schedule. We send you the same cleaner at the same time each visit, unless circumstances out of our control require we send a replacement cleaner, if this is the case we try to give as much notice as possible. Each individual is insured. You can also include washing and ironing into this program.

Regular Cleaning duties include:

  • Vacuuming throughout
  • Floors moped
  • Kitchen work tops, oven and ring tops cleaned, kitchen sink cleaned
  • Microwave cleaned inside and outside/ fridge cleaning
  • Washroom cleaned
  • Bathroom, shower and toilets thoroughly sanitised
  • General furniture dusting/polishing
  • Mirrors polished
  • Bins emptied

Please note that our cleaning maids are willing and able to tailor your exact domestic cleaning requirements.