Carpet Steam Cleaning Service Wembley HA0, HA9

In this option we present the clients with something a lot more than just cleaning. This time we offer the customer the chance to observe science, technology and effort combined in one leading to wonderful and unexpected results that will amaze any sceptic! We use steam based technology and environmentally friendly detergents in order to remove any kind of contamination on your carpets or rugs. In this service a cleaner will park in walking distance of your property and carry his equipment to your home. He will then examine the nature of the stains and after which use the proper detergent in the steam machine which is no louder than a vacuum cleaner. There isn’t any kind of stains we can’t deal with: mud, food, fruits, makeup, residual hair and any other thing that might leave its mark on your lovely carpet. After our cleaner has finished the carpet will look as freshly bought and you would be astonished of the services of Max Cleaners Wembley!