Carpet Steam Cleaning Deptford SE8

This is a great service, not only will it improve your health and prolong the life of your carpets, but it can be combined with any of our other services for an added extra cleanliness to your home or office. Carpets are a huge investment and their maintenance is just as important as any other investment. Particularly because these home comforts act as filters, improving air quality of our home attracting all dust and airborne pollutants, bearing this in mind they do clog with all sorts, deep down in the fibres not only on the surface.  They also hide other nasties like germs, bacteria, bugs and even viruses. Our injection/extraction function enables our technicians to reach all these hidden areas, loosening dirt and dust, and more importantly killing all allergens and extracting them, leaving your carpets & rugs in pristine condition. Our carpet technicians are also able to advise you on spot stain cleaning. Give us a call for a friendly discussion and further information on your needs.